Tooth Whitening

Yes, it works very well. Tooth whitening is the most common cosmetic service provided by dentists. We’ve been using at home tooth-whitening systems for many years. It is a relatively simple, inexpensive treatment that is very reliable. Almost everyone we have treated has seen some improvement in the whiteness of his or her teeth. Sometimes it’s a little; sometimes it’s a lot. We have seen some dramatic improvements. It is difficult to predict in advance, how much change an individual can expect, but everyone can expect to see some improvement.

An oxidizing solution is placed on the teeth for a period of time, which acts to break down the stain lying within the surface layers of the tooth enamel.

Over the counter systems are not regulated, can contain solutions of a low pH, meaning they are acidic, and can have a bad reaction with fillings, crowns, or tooth enamel. They also lack a customized tray, which holds the solution in close contact with the teeth.


Professional at home tray systems use formulations with proven effectiveness and safety. The custom made tray, which fits precisely over the teeth to be treated, is what makes this system work so well. The solution is held to the teeth where it works without being diluted with saliva or running out into the mouth. The trays are worn one or two hours daily for 2-3 weeks, or longer for particularly stubborn teeth. We have used this system for many years with consistently good results.