Patient Testimonials

sleep Apnea MouthGuard

“Very informative, Personable people to Work with. Answered all my Questions . Hopefully the Guard will help me deal with my Sleep Apnea.”

- Mark B

“I am a 53-year-old male who has suffered with sleep apnea for over the past 15 years. After years of failed attempts with the conventional c-pap units, I did a lot of research for an alternative resolution to my sleep apnea. I would see several television advertisements for oral appliances promising a solution for very little money. I have always been skeptical and believed you get what you pay for. After discovering that dentists now help with sleep apnea therapy, I searched for a local dental practice who not only came highly recommended, but would be able to help me with filing my health insurance claim.

I met Dr. Susan Dunn for a consultation, she explained the entire process in detail and put my mind at ease. At first the oral appliance appeared to be a relatively large device, as my concern was my small size mouth. Dr Dunn had assured me it would fit comfortably which oddly enough does. lt even protects my teeth from the wear and tear of grinding while I sleep. A year has past since I began using my SommoDent Herbst Advance Sleep Apnea Device and I could not be more pleased with my decision. This device is simple to use, requires little maintenance and much easierto mobilize than a conventional C-Pap unit. The office filed my insurance claim which was simple and resulted in a minimal out of pocket expense.

I would highly recommend anyone seeking an alternative to the antiquated C-pap therapy method to explore this therapy treatment. Smiles by Design is now not only my sleep apnea medical provider but my dentist and I couldn’t be more pleased. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff is just as comforting as the gentle care you receive. You not only feel like a patient, but like family. Thanks for this outstanding customer experience!”

- Peter A Butkins, Brewerton, NY

“When I first tried the device I knew it was going to make a difference. It was easy to wear and the first night I didn’t remember waking up at all.

Usually I would remember waking up at least 4 or 5 times a night. My energy didn’t return immediately but after a few days, I could tell I felt more rested and had more energy. Although it takes a few weeks to get used to the device, know can sleep on my back and not wake up. I wake up rested and the device is easy to take care of.”

- Joe

“The CPAP didn’t work for me! I had the surgery and was still snoring, keeping my wife awake and getting up tired and feeling exhausted throughout the day. Dr. Dunn suggested I try the oral appliance. Now I wake up rested, my wife gets to sleep and my sleep apnea and snoring are being treated effectively.”

- Dave

“My snoring is GONE – what a relief!!!!!!!!!!”

- W

“When I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, I was prescribed a CPAP machine with face mask. The pressure setting was very high, so I had to strap the mask tightly to my face. I kept waking up throughout the night because of air leakage and when I awoke the next morning I was still exhausted. I found that I just could not tolerate the CPAP therapy and stopped using the device.

When I saw the advertisement on television for an oral appliance that was designed to treat sleep apnea being offered by “Smiles by Design,” I called and made an appointment. Dr. Susan Dunn and all of her staff were professional yet very friendly and working with them has been a pleasant experience. Dr. Dunn explains everything. Very well and you don’t feel like you are being rushed. Now that I have the appliance, I sleep through the night, I don’t disturb my wife with my loud snoring and gasping for air and I wake up more refreshed. I would recommend the oral appliance to treat sleep apnea for everyone, especially those that can’t tolerate CPAP therapy, but would highly recommend “Smiles by Design” for this or any other dental needs.”

- Bob Anderson Fulton, NY

“For years I have been trying to adapt to the CPAP machine with minimal success. I hated that as I slept at night the mask would suction to my face leaving indents and marks in the AM that took quite a while to leave. I woke up not feeling rested. Getting fitted for the appliance was easy. I went to the office twice for measurements and diagnostic studies. The next visit was to get the appliance. I returned for a couple of scheduled follow-up visits to make sure everything was working as it should. My wife reports that I am no longer snoring. I am more comfortable being able to move around without restrictions during the night. I sleep through the night with maybe a short visit to the bathroom (which is customary for some people my age and not due to my sleep apnea). I wake up rested and feel more alert during the day. The appliance is also very convenient for me to care for with far less maintenance than the CPAP. I don’t need special water, hoses, mask cleaning, etc. I had a follow-up visit recently and was told that I didn’t need to come back again until my 1 year visit unless I have a problem. Dr. Dunn and her staff were very helpful and a pleasure to work with.”

- Dominick Pirozzi, Syracuse, NY

“I am presently using an oral appliance for my sleep apnea. I am very happy with the results the appliance has given me. I know am sleeping 4 to 6 hours without waking on a regular basis. Recently I had a night with 8 hours of continuous sleep. Prior to the appliance I was waking every one to three hours to go to the bathroom. I feel a strong increase in energy level during the day. I am also wearing the appliance 7 nights a week and I am wearing it when traveling. The appliance, my antibacterial soap and old toothbrush I use to scrub the appliance, are the 1st items I am packing.”

- Bon Zenker

“I am a current patient with moderate sleep apnea. I had tried a CPAP machine with no success. I decided I had to try the sleep apnea dental mouth appliance. I LOVE IT Now I feel rested and ready to start each day with energy. I recently had a filling done and it changed my appliance fit, so I was without my appliance for 2 weeks. Because of not having it for those 2 weeks, I now know how much it helps. During that 2 weeks I woke up tired and felt like I didn’t sleep at all. It has definitely changed my quality of life. I would highly recommend it to anyone!”

- Angela Petrera
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