Your first initial visit at Smiles by Design you will be greeted by one of the assistants and given a tour of the office. They will seat you in our consultation room to discuss one-on-one with the doctor any dental concerns. Then you will be taken to one of our comfortable treatment rooms and the doctor will check the health of your mouth in a comprehensive dental examination. This process will include a detailed and thorough check of the teeth, gum tissue and supporting bone structure. She will examine your mouth for tooth decay, gum disease and other diseases which may show their earliest signs within the oral tissues. A complete set of x-rays (more information about x-rays) will be taken of your teeth. All information she obtains will be carefully assessed to accurately determine your dental health. A follow-up consultation appointment will be scheduled for you. At that time the doctor will discuss her findings with you, and explain the recommended plan for any necessary treatment. Your immediate needs as well as long-term objectives will be considered.

If your first appointment is to address an emergency situation, the doctor’s assistant will bring you back to the treatment room, get any necessary information and if needed take an x-ray of the problem area. The doctor will look at the x-ray and your mouth to assess the problem and give you her recommendations for treatment.

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Your Young Child’s first visit – they can expect:

They will be scheduled with one of our hygienists’. She will give the child a ride in the elevator chair, count their teeth and check for cavities, make their teeth “pink” to show areas that have not been cleaned thoroughly and talk to them about brushing techniques. The child will also be introduced to “Mr. Thirsty.” After this the doctor will come in and meet the child, take a look at their teeth and discuss any concerns that might influence the formation of their permanent teeth.

Emergency Treatment

Unfortunately, circumstances can arise when emergency care is required. When you are in pain, or have discomfort from your mouth or teeth, that is our immediate concern. All emergencies will receive immediate attention and care.

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